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What should a designer wear to a meeting?

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Studio Culture | 3 comments

At All4design, we’re all about being bang on-trend and this is no different when it comes to our “fashion” sense! Though some would question just how “trendy” we really are! Straight or skinny, it’s all fun and games until you try and take the buggers off!!!!

But what is the right/acceptable dress code for a ‘Creative’ when attending a meeting? Does a smart tailored suit scream salesman? Does a t-shirt and baggy jeans label you a student? Are jeans, shirt and jacket an acceptable middle ground which ensure the designer maintains his or her identity but also says I’m professional, take me seriously? Does it matter all? Should the client see past the physical and simple judge you on your work, dedication and ability?


  1. Robert Leedham

    From personal experience you must dress to your audience. It’s about selling yourself as much as the product, service or company you represent.

  2. Philip Power

    I agree that it depends on the audience. In my experience I would have to say shirt (min). Still got to project professionalism but it doesn’t always require suited attire

    • Kevin Keleher

      I agree with shirt minimum but think you’ve got to show your personality too. Not every meeting needs to be fully suited and booted.


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