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Some Logos should never change.

by | Jun 6, 2016 | News Opinion | 0 comments


Some logo designs are so beloved, so iconic, that as long as we live, we simply never want to see the radically redesigned. That doesn’t mean we’re opposed to tiny tweaks or subtle refreshes, every now and again, to adapt these assets to the modern styles and demands on new devices. But when it comes to the underlying design of these decades-old logos, it’s a case of ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

First on the list is Coke Cola, the brand has been through some huge changes in its time, the logo has stayed relatively the same and is the most recognised piece of righting on the planet today.

Second we have the Nike Swoosh, bought for $35 back in 1971, it’s the most recognised logo on earth. It’s a simple logo but has definitely stood the test of time.

Third we have the famous Playboy logo, it reportedly only took half an hour to draw in 1953, according to Art Paul. In fact, he believes if he’d spent longer the logo might not have turned out so well.

Fourth we have the unmistakable shell logo. The company was founded in 1897, seven years later it adopted the upright scollop: a more confident design, suggesting a sunrise and bright new future. The red and yellow colouring was incorporated into the login 1948, in 1971 the French-born designer Raymond Loewy simplified the logo, removing some clutter to create a cleaned-up design that remains virtually unchanged to this day.

Fifth we have the most famous arches in the world, the McDonalds golden arches. On display in more than 31,000 McDonalds restaurants in over 116 countries worldwide, the golden arches have become the symbol for fast food itself.


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