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60 Minute make over

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Studio Culture | 0 comments

At All4design we treat our studio like a never ending in-house make over project. At any minute we expect Peter Andre, followed by a ITV film crew to waltz in with colour samples and flock wallpaper.

We see our studio environment as a major influence on our design style and identity. We love to draw inspirations from outside sources and turn our studio into one big mood board. Sometimes we get it right… other times not, however, we love to explore and dissect trends and style which motivate and excite us.

Here’s an amazing example from architecture studio Suppose Design of upcycling and using reclaimed materials to create a truly bespoke and personal environment.

To create their workspace in the Japanese capital’s Shibuya ward, Suppose Design Office’s architects chose a palette of materials they sourced themselves. “When we had thought to create our new office, to chose usual materials in catalogues seemed different from our philosophy to create a space,” said the studio. “Materials in a catalogue are already designed by someone, and to chose them means borrowing the design from them. If we create a new idea of a space by rethinking its materials, a new space design may naturally take form,” the architects added.



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