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Hyperloop travel seems to be a pipedream (bad joke) but the two competing companies are making strides in different directions. While Hyperloop One are focusing on a test track for the proposed 500mph transportation of people and cargo in the Nevada desert, the competition, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has decided to focus on the design of it’s transportation pods.
Perhaps this is an attempt to curry support from the potential travellers by taking the ‘passenger first approach’? We won’t see the first capsule until 2018 and HTT suggest that it will be the culmination of ‘over 3 years and thousands of hours of design’. The proposal will be looking to house 28-40 passengers and there are suggestions that the capsule could potentially reach speeds of 760mph!
It certainly seems like transport of the future and with the proposed speeds, could double the maglev technology currently in use in Japan.

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